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1) I recognize the words clean, drain, dry and know what I need to do after a day at the lake

2) I could identify a zebra mussel if I saw one at an area lake

3) I know who to contact if I find an invasive plant or animal and want to report it

4) I have searched for information and read about aquatic invasive species information to help me learn more about this issue

5)  Aquatic invasive species are a problem we can do very little about regarding prevention of their spread to other areas

1. We need a Plan for more access restrictions on infested lakes

2. We need to require inspection and decontamination of all watercraft leaving infected waters

3. I support lake management planning by our Natural Resource Agencies that focuses on what is best to support water quality of our lakes and rivers, rather than what is best for people and recreation.

4. I support increased efforts to protect our lakes and feel that protection needs to be a higher priority than fishing, recreation and lakeshore living for decision makers working with lake management.

5. Whenever possible, we should use “rapid response” efforts through chemical treatments to reduce aquatic invasive species in newly infested lakes and rivers

6. It’s useless, no matter what we do, we will not prevent aquatic invasive species from getting into our lakes and rivers

In your opinion, how important is it that lake users and property owners take precautions to prevent the spread of certain aquatic invasive species? 

I am interested as a lake/river user in doing my part to help reduce the spread of aquatic invasive species

I believe it is all lake users’ responsibility to help reduce the spread of aquatic invasive species

I am willing to share information with friends, relatives, etc. who are also lake users

I would be willing to pay more ($2-$5) for fishing/boating licenses to support aquatic invasive species management

I am interested in knowing more about local/regional lake associations and the opportunities to help out as a volunteer

Where is your primary residence?


Age range: 

I visit and use lakes/Rivers in this area (Becker, Mahnomen, and Otter Tail County) (times per summer)

I own at least 1 type of the following watercraft (check all that apply)

I would prefer to learn about aquatic invasive species from:  (check all that apply):